The Mission of the Association of Sport Performance Centres (ASPC) is …”to provide opportunities that enhance training for high performance sport worldwide”.

As such we are an active partner in the development and leadership of high performance sport training centers, setting the standard in the global high-performance training site community.

The ASPC has a global membership of over 80 Centres/Institutes and is founded on the principles of collaboration, sharing and support. Through these we work to enhance the opportunities for high-performance training centres to provide a direct benefit to athletes and their coaches in their daily training and dual career pursuits. Sharing knowledge and ideas are the hallmark of the ASPC.

We believe that “together we are better;” we are stronger than acting alone. The stakes of leadership are sky high and everyone gets better when leaders get better.

Through the Continental Forums, there is an opportunity to learn from others, to share a wealth of experiences and knowledge and to develop impactful relationships with other sport leaders.

We can plant leadership seeds in others (especially younger leaders where we see leadership talent); open the leadership door; express our belief in them; notice and encourage them.

We understand that leadership is a journey and that effective leadership is the bedrock of performance. Increased leadership is essential in uncertain times and an investment in our own leadership is one of their best investments in these tough times.

Good governance, solid leadership and strong administration are essential at an Institute. Good leadership does not win medals but bad leadership causes chaos, instability, uncertainty and negatively impacts performance and the enjoyment for the athlete.

Strong leadership impacts the overall functioning of our Institutes and, thus, the development and advancement of the athletes and coaches we serve.

Dale Henwood
Association for Sports Performance Centres President

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